Quality Policy

The Marine Cargo Experts Quality Policy is as follows:-

Marine Cargo Experts is committed in achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient services of high quality on a 'personal and professional' basis.

The Senior Management of Marine Cargo Experts Ltd is committed to comply with their customer requirements, applicable regulations and industry standards, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through promotion of team work and employee and contractor participation in achieving the agreed quality objectives for our services.

The set objectives are:

1. Customer Satisfaction (100% at all times)

2. To Gaining and Maintaining Qualified and Professional Staff (100% at all times)

3. Fulfilment of contractual agreement (100% at all times)

4. Increase profitability

5. Expansion of expediting activities globally

The Quality Policy is communicated through display and awareness sessions. It is ensured that everybody understands the relevance of the Quality policy to their roles in the organisation.

The Quality Policy is reviewed annually to ensure its continuing suitability.

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