Training, Familiarisation & Development

A first in the field of Petroleum Inspection, Loss Control, Claims Prevention and cargo surveying. A drive forward in improving the skills in the workplace

  • training packages for Petroleum Inspection Companies,
  • introduction to Oil Loss Control for Oil Traders,
  • introduction to cargo claims prevention for Claims Handlers of Insurance companies.

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Training and Development Services

A major factor in Marine Cargo Experts success has been its adherence to high professional standards and its commitment to continuous improvement within the industries of Oil Loss Control and Claims Investigation & Prevention. We would wish to assist in the development of high standards throughout the respective industries.

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The MCE formula for maximising their clients' operational effectiveness in producing greater profitability is to ensure that all MCE Consultants and Surveyors are fully briefed and trained in the task at hand. They undergo a comprehensive induction course with follow-up familiarisation and briefing programs on a full range of operations. The more information the Consultant takes with him to undertake an assignment the better equipped he is in being able to prevent losses and claims.

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