Loss Control

Loss Control is the process that is used to succeed in today’s ever demanding and evolving Petroleum industry. More than ever before, it is vital that a loss control strategy is in place working and protecting your financial interests.

Marine Cargo Experts Ltd has an unrivalled global reputation within the Loss control industry, with our dedicated team of qualified professionals including, Master Mariners, Chemists, Ex-terminal personal and experienced senior surveyors.

Losses can be categorised into two associated areas:

  • Real physical losses are caused by events such as; ROB quantities, loss of light ends, leakage or passing of vessel or terminal valves and deliberate theft or sabotage.
  • Apparent losses; these are paper losses caused by poor or erroneous procedures in quantity measurements, differing calculation procedures, sampling, sample handling and analysis as well as the different contractual methods of determining Quantity and Quality between the purchase and sale of a cargo.

Our policies ensure that we strategically evaluate an operation to prevent, minimise or eradicate both real and apparent losses.

All of MCE’s consultants are pro active to give that added value to our principals’ commercial interest.

Our expertise enables us to investigate, react and respond to prevent our clients from suffering financial losses in cargo shortages, contaminations and demurrage claims.


We are continually preventing the loss of over 15 million USD annually to our clients.

We are ISO 9001 accredited, to give our clients quality assurance and we are active members of the Energy Institute.


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