Commercial Risk Management

Oil Terminal Inspections and Audits

MCE Ltd have experience in Oil Terminal Inspections and Audits to international recognised standards for Oil Majors, Traders and Insurers.

Surveillance of Oil Jetty Operations

MCE Ltd has the experience of delivering specialised bespoke marine related services. Their expertise and professionalism has been called upon to represent the interests of Marine Assurance departments within Major Oil Companies in outlying ports and at Oil Terminals where difficulties / incidents have been experienced in the past. MCE are able to offer that measure of confidence in the vessel operations by their attendance where there has been a lack of it in the past. Due to the unique ‘personal professional’ manner of operating, our Consultants are able to deliver results in what has been described previously as almost impossible circumstances.

These services can be tailor-made to the Clients requirements. We draw on a vast resource of experience in order to deliver just-in-time services, which is quite a frequent request in today’s heavily litigious society.

We are ISO 9001 accredited, to give our clients quality assurance and we are members of the Energy Institute and Nautical Institute.

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