Terminology for the various roles in our Industry

Loss Control

There are various titles used to describe our role when we are involved in quantity and quality control issues in our work with hydrocarbons. It also depends on who our clients are and what their individual requirements may be.


The titles known in the industry are:

  • Cargo Expeditors
  • Oil Loss Control Consultants
  • Oil Loss Control Superintendents
  • Loss Control Superintendents
  • Loss Control Experts
  • Loss Control Surveyors
  • Loss Prevention Superintendents
  • Oil Cargo Experts
  • Charterers Representatives

Marine Claims Investigation & Prevention

In our work with Claims Prevention & Investigation we are commonly called:-

  • Cargo Surveyors (generally for P & I Club's and Cargo Underwriters)
  • General Average Surveyors
  • General Average Cargo Surveyors
  • Marine Consultants
  • Marine Surveyors

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