Crude Oil & Petroleum Products


In an ever-evolving world market of clean & black oil trading, transportation and storage, it is vital, more than ever before, that a loss control strategy is in place - working on your behalf.


MCE have a wealth of global experience in the monitoring, measurement and control of a wide range of various crude oils and petroleum products.

Our Loss Control techniques include:

  • 100 % attendance during a load, discharge or STS operation
  • "Squeeze dry" discharge operations, effective C.O.W plan and monitoring,
    particularly of heated or waxy natured cargoes
  • Multi Point ROB/OBQ assessment
  • Specialised Closed sampling techniques available
  • Direct "real time" field communication with our clients
  • Protection of the Principal’s commercial interest
  • Analytical witnessing
  • Minimising demurrage costs
  • Cargo Blending, both onboard and in terminal
  • Oversight of cargo document accuracy
  • Detailed and un- biased report of events
  • Loss Investigation

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