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Marine Cargo Experts are building their knowledge base with Bio-Fuels having been requested to attend for shipments and on claims matters relating to these products. We are also part of a Working Group with the Energy Institute liaising with FOSFA & API to put forward proposals of standards on measurement practice. In addition, on the quality side we have been gaining experience with each cargo we have been involved with; as there is such a variety of products available in the market each with varying quality standards. MCE are well placed to be able to assist you with any recent Claims matters and also with Loss Control and Claims Prevention.


Marine Cargo Experts have experience with measurement practice and certain claims matters relating to these cargoes and are well placed to be able to assist you with any recent Claims matters and also with Loss Control and Claims Prevention.

Other Services

Terminal Shore Tank Auditing (Inventories)

Marine Cargo Experts qualified team can offer an Inventory service linked to any operational Loss Control system your company may run.

Vessel Tank Cleaning

Marine Cargo Experts qualified team can offer:

  • A pre-wash vessel tank inspection
  • A vessel washing equipment inspection & suitability report
  • A risk assessment and time-scale report
  • A bespoke tank washing programme, designed individually, for each vessel
  • Use of chemical wash if needed
  • 100% attendance during washing operation
  • Direct field communication with our clients
  • Motivation, support and guidance to a vessel’s officers and crew

Our attendance can reduce a vessel’s down-time and eliminates possible next cargo contamination.


Closed Sampling of Liquid Cargoes

Marine Cargo Experts Ltd is aware that contaminated and non-representative samples can cause lengthy delays for Oil Majors and Traders - both after loading and prior to discharging.

That is why MCE has experience with specialised closed sampling equipment which can eradicate the time lost due to the necessity of re-sampling or re-analysing owing to erroneous contamination claims on sensitive and light cargoes. The system ensures that samples are not contaminated with particulates from the vessels vapour locks.

Unlike many vessels’ sampling equipment used for obtaining cargo tank samples; the equipment we can employ draws representative running, spot or dead bottom samples on oil tankers via their vapour lock system.

In today’s work place, with advancing safety and environmental considerations, the system eradicates the need for “open sampling” and enables accurate representative samples to be drawn.

The closed sampler ensures that no gases are expelled from a vessel tanks during sampling, essential when dealing with high H2S cargoes.

We are active members of the Energy Institute and we are quality assured to ISO 9001.


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